Well, Tam has been in the hospital about six weeks. And this is her fourth hospital to be in. The tests are finished. Next week she should have surgery. They are going to do a total hip replacement on her left side, or so that is the plan right now. There is a possibility she could have a "hind quarter amputation" meaning they would remove her leg and one of her buttocks. That is a worst case scenario and I sure hope it does not come to that. Her car was recovered last weekend and my daughter is now incarcerated. For how long I do not know. I wish she had listened but some people are very stubborn and hard-headed. Or maybe just plain dumb. Sometimes I wonder. It is going to cost almost $3000 to fix the car. Just another issue to be dealt with. I read in PC World or PC Magazine (I can't remember which and I am too tired to get up and look) about some cool free things. One of them is an RSS news agragator called Abilon. Four years ago when RSS and blogs and such were just beginning to pop up I used and agragator but it did now work too well. Times have changed. This little free program works well and even has a built in blogging tool so I can post here straight from the program. Pretty neat I think. Going to lose my internet soon as my daughter ran up a phone bill I cannot afford to pay. The internet and phone are tied together on one bill. But I can always take my laptop to Mcdonalds and get online for only $3. The library has free wi-fi so that is another possibility. And even though I cannot go to blogger from my work connection, I can email in my posts. So I really have no excuse for not writing more, do I?

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