Evangeline Lilly from "Lost" is so hot, especially in a wet t-shirt!! I still think Jennifer Garner is tops, but she is leaving television so that will leave E.L. to fill the spot as tv's tough hotty. I am only now getting into the richer things the internet has to offer, such as streaming video and such. I only have two shows I make "appointment tv" time for. That would be "24" and "Lost". The rest of my time, when I am either not at the hospital or at work, I spend on the net. Now that is not new, but it is so much better than it has ever been before. And it will only get better than that. I can't wait until I have a laptop with a good battery and strong processor. Soon I will have to turn off my net connection as I can not pay the bill my daughter ran up on the phone. My phone and net are intertwined. So with a much better notebook I can go to MickeyDees or the library, maybe Starbucks and do all this stuff. Some hospitals have wi-fi, so maybe Tam will end up at one that does.

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Lori said...

I'm not sure where you live...but if you have any Krystal's near you...You can hook up on there wireless internet for free!!!

Have a great day!!!