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Last night I watched the Viggo Mortensen film "A History of Violence" and my feelings are mixed. While the action seemed to move at a fast enough pace, I felt it did not delve deep enough into Tom/Joey's past. Two top rate actors, William Hurt and Ed Harris had star billing but their screen time was rather limited. Of the two, Ed Harris certainly turned out the better performance. William Hurt, with his limited time was just too over the top, as if to make sure that no one would forget that he was even in the film. Ed Harris on the other hand, convincingly portrayed someone that had no problem shooting you dead where you stand regardless of sex, age, or amount of cash on you. Viggo did his part good, at first being the devoted husband to a hot wife, good father to a couple of good kids and then in an instant he was Joey, the cold blooded killer without a conscience. In closing I would have like 20 more minutes of the movie with an explanation of what brought Tom/Joey to the present. I think a scene where he and Maria Bello were just laying in bed with him telling the story with flashbacks of his past would have worked very well. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. Had lunch today with my parents and daughter. My daughter is doing ok today but it is a day to day thing. She just got through selling her stereo for some drug money but she knows that within a week or so she is going to enter drug rehab. I hope it does her some good. It was nice to see her as I do miss her very much. But until she has a handle on her life she really does not need to be coming around my place. I have very little in this world, I want to hang on to what I have. ---------------- Now playing: Art Of Noise - Moments In Love via FoxyTunes

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