Reviews and other musings...

This past week I watched to new season premiers, Bionic Woman and Life. I already fear for Bionic Woman as it is just a ripoff of Dark Angel from several years ago. Girl with extraordinary powers and gifts is hunted by a government agency. And that show was a ripoff of The Pretender. So while it has good looking young women, it is not new nor interesting. I feel it deviates from the original story line too much. It is too easy to have these nano-bots that heal and cure her. Not enough imagination has been put into this show. I give it five episodes before it will be pulled. On the other hand, I had some good vibes about life. While it is another cop show, making him rich and a victim searching for answers does give it a twist. I think if they keep the story lines interesting it can succeed. Shark is back for another season and it not the best show out there so why not this one.. The Dallas Cowboys sure looked strong again today. I am worried about their slow starts but the finishes are something else. New England in two weeks is shaping up to be quite a showdown and also a test of just how good this team really can be. Even if they lose to the Patriots, if it is a good, tight game it will prove they belong in the same breath. But I fully expect them to win.

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