Another week gone by...

And what a week it was. That is not a good thing this time. Friday we had a meeting to discuss my claims that are over 30 days in age. I was totally unprepared because I was not fully told what was expected of me at this meeting. I really looked bad but I still have a job and I am making it right. Earlier this week I read that my new fav show is on the bubble. Actually, all four new shows on NBC are on the bubble. That includes Bionic Woman and Life. I am not that excited by Bionic Woman but I really do like Life so I will be quite disappointed if it is canceled. What is ironic is Life has taken the place of Smith from last year, the show about some high end thieves. Life is drawing few viewers than Smith did but this year NBC is ok with the numbers. That is because twelve months later there are fewer viewers watching television. I have reduced my watching to one program a week in primetime, Life. I happen to watch Bionic Woman but only because it comes on right before Life and I don't really watch it. I do watch Numbers on Friday nights with Tam at the nursing home but really again, just kind of listen to bits and pieces. Last week I ordered three Kid Rock cd's including his new release (came out Tuesday). I have listened to about half each cd and I like him more than before. I am a fan of his hard rockin' music but he sings ballads quite well also. I know why he does not get airplay; his lyrics are way too explicit and I know maybe I should not listen to that stuff, but the way he sings it just sounds cool. Tammi even thinks so. To me he is a throwback to 80's hard rock but combined with his rapping he has a sound all his own. I just like it. Tomorrow is the big game between the Cowboys and Patriots. I hope in 24 hours I am writing about a Cowboys victory as that will legitimize them as worthy opponents for the Super Bowl. Irony again takes shape as last year Dallas beat Indy so it can be done and I expect a very good game. At the least if they are competitive with a close score they will still be legit.

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