Another new wifi hangout...

Right now I am spending my lunch hour at the library that is closest to my work. I have never been here before but have driven by it many times over the last four years. I really should have been coming here for lunch during the summer as it is very cool. Although there are quite a number of people here (more than I expected for this time of day) it is quite reasonably quiet and the wireless connection is top notch. Getting away from work for an hour really is important. I have just become too burned out working 8 or 9 hours straight without a break. Spoke to the office today about the kids downstairs and basically told the manager that either they had to go or I had to. Last night there was not a peep out of them but that is normal one or two nights a week. She said she would send them a letter for violation of their lease. I hope it works as I like having enough sleep.

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