Is luck good fortune or is good fortune just being luck?

That is what I am wondering regarding the Dallas Cowboys win last night over the Buffalo Bills. Did Dallas get lucky? Did the Bills get lucky to even be in the game? Was Dallas fortunate to recover the onside kick or was Buffalo unfortunate that they could not cover it? So many questions, but the only question I care about is 'Did Dallas win the ballgame?' And of course the answer to that is YES!! HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!! Luck, Good Fortune, Blessed. All abstract ideas we assign whenever something happens to us that has a pleasant or beneficial outcome. But hidden somewhere inside of that good thing are action and choices we made that led us to be in that particular position. It is of course my Butterfly Effect that is the cause of all of this. Sam Hurd punching the ball instead of trying to catch it himself. The groundskeeper for the Bills stadium maintaining the field in just such a way that the ball bounced as it did. Each effect has a cause and in turn each effect creates a new cause. Our entire universe is built upon this principle. If you believe the astronomers and the big bang theory then this is all just part of that expansion. The progression of time and where the universe is headed is so much larger than each of out puny lives and yet each living creature, each atom that makes up all the suns and planets and comets and black holes has its part to play until we reach the final end. Each day here on Earth, each life that passes and is born, has a part to play. We cannot look at things as individuals trying to get all that each of us can get. You cannot take it with you but by giving it all away you keep the movement of time going forward, something for the next generation to use in the quest to become what we are destined to be.

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