When not trying to impress someone impresses them...

I am never going to be a "beautiful" person as far as physical appearance. I also will never be considered "cool" due to my personality. I am just a guy. Because of that I have always tried to find a way to impress a woman. I would try to be cool or hip. I would either smoke some weed, dress a certain way, be an impressive single father or otherwise try to be someone that I was not. I was a good, hardworking single father but I used that to try to impress women. The other day as I was gazing at my newest Playboy magazine I realized that there is no way I could ever impress a woman that looks as they do by being something that I was not. Being fake is not very impressive at all. I can see where a beautiful woman would be more impressed by someone that is not trying to impress her. I mean there is a right and wrong way to impress a person. Flowers and a bottle of wine at dinner can be impressive. Trying to go out of your way to be something you are not is not impressive. What I never realized because I did not know who I was is that everyone who figures out who they are and who they are not ends up having different things they are looking for in another person. I believe some attractive women figure out that they can attract a lot of men to themselves and because of that they start to look for other qualities than just what a man looks like. I truly believe that is why I see a number of less than perfect body men with very attractive women. If you can have anything you want, you will become much more selective as to what you will have. If I could go back 20 years I would simply dress nice, be true to myself and not worry what others thought of me. That would have been attractive to someone and I would not have had to work at. Natural is a beautiful thing.

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