Another day....

Full of stress and hard work! But seriously, it was overall a good day. Because I was absent yesterday I had plenty to catch up on. Hard work is so good for the soul. Whether it is work or play, when something is accomplished it leaves such a satisfying feeling when the day is finally done. But because I submitted so many claims today, tomorrow will have plenty to do posting all of those claims. Tam will possibly be released tomorrow, if not, then on Thursday. She is doing better and moving around alot more. The pain medicine they have her on keeps her pretty much asleep so I don't get to really talk with her alot. Everyone at work is aware that I could have to leave at a moments notice. Tam's mom came back from West Texas today. It is nice having the help and company. Another day of not hearing from Jessica. I am accepting that I have to let her go, but I miss her alot. This is not how it is supposed to be. And I need her help at this time also. So I am torn between disappointment, anger, and sadness. I hope and pray that she is ok and that she will figure it out before something really bad happens to her. I so love using laptops and wireless internet access. These two laptops I have are old and so slow by today's standards, and yet they surf the net fine. I am writing this entry on one of them right now. I look forward to the day I have a new one, or at least qutite a bit newer than this one, with XP loaded on it. Christmas I will give myself one. I have this old, little wooden coffee table my Dad made almost 40 years ago and it works perfect as a living room computer table. I use it when scanning, making change forms for work (forms telling the accounting dept where to post payment memos), or posting payroll adjustments. Surfing the net? No problem, except for video. That is where the slow processor can really hinder the experience. But in time, I will have something in the 1ghz range that will handle that also. $400 and a couple of days on Ebay will solve that problem.

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