Get over it...

From an article in the New York Times. Brian Grazer, a producer of “8 Mile,” said some of the mashups he had seen were “pretty hip.” But he said he, too, viewed them as a form of piracy: “It bothers me artistically. Here’s this thing where you have no control; they are chopping it up and putting your memories in a blender.” This is not "your" memories. You got paid to make a movie and that is what you did. I get paid to get warranty claims paid, not to preserve a memory about that claim. Is it artistry or knowledge that allows me to get my claims paid?? Is it artistry or knowledge that allows me to shoot the photos that I shoot? It is knowledge that allows me to do something that others cannot do. So in that sense everyone is an artist since we all possess abilities and knowledge that not everyone else has.

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