A very interesting topic....

I was reading a post from this blog I just discovered (Brazen Careerist) and she brought up a very interesting subject regarding happiness and how much money a person needs to achieve said happiness. In her commentary she points out some studies and that one of the things that will bring more satisfaction and happiness is good, monogamous sex with your partner and that it appears that once certain basic needs are met (shelter, food, etc.) it does not take much more money to max out the happiness factor. I understand this fully, as I buy a lot of toys (computers, gadgets, clothes) that I use as a substitute for happiness. Consider the following facts: I love my wife more than I could ever express in words or actions; I will never do anything to violate the vows I took or hurt her in any way; and that we will more than likely never be able to have sex again. What do I do to substitute for that? There is a certain amount of intimacy that we will be able to achieve, but only to a point. After that, am I left with the unfulfilled feelings of satisfaction that acquiring toys brings? Will we drift apart because I want to go for a daily walk and she cannot accompany me? What brings me back to a centered position whenever I have questions such as these is the feelings that I have for her. I ask myself what is not optional and then build upon that. Life without her is not optional, so everything else I do is centered around that. If I buy a few unnecessary toys along the way, so be it. They are just to take up the time whenever I cannot be with her. Speaking of things that are not optional, my Dad and I talk a lot about moving to the country and all that comes with that. Things such as how far away from medical facilities, grocery stores, and how that can cause logistical problems. I told him, for us, not moving to the country is not an option. So everything else is something to be resolved and dealt with. I feel there is no challenge that can't be resolved. A plan is all you need. I wish I had had a good plan 20 years ago. I am trying to have one now. I am so sick of hamburgers I really hope I never have to eat another one. I had eaten so many of them here at the hospital that I really was just going to go hungry. But then I discovered Jason's Deli across the street from the hospital. I have known about them for over 17 years but I had always thought of them as more expensive than what I was willing to pay for a meal. I had gone across the street to get Subway, but the small store within the gas station was no longer there. That is when I noticed the Jason's Deli across the parking lot. I went in as I my only other choice was the vending machine in the hospital. To my surprise the prices were on par with the other big chain sandwich shops and the sandwich itself was fabulous. I am hooked on sandwiches now, but not just Jason's. We have Subway, Jimmy Johns, Quizno's, and Schlotzkys along with whatever I make at home. I just think they are better for me, especially whenever I purchase one that is labeled as healthy. Jason's Deli also happens to be across the street from my Grapevine store so that is another plus.

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