Another month....

Has come and gone. More of the same and yet new things just around the corner. My daughter will be coming home (sort of, she is going to live with her grandparents) within the next few weeks. That is exciting but I just hope she can be strong and stay away from the elements that caused her to be taken away from us. I have missed most of her teenage years and I fully blame myself. If I had not spent so much effort in finding someone for me, I might have done a better job of raising her. But perhaps not, and I have developed some positive relationships and friends along the way. I surely would not know some of the things I know had I not made the choices I made. But it is time to make good choices, both the ones she makes and the ones I make. I sincerely hope I am strong enough to make them so that maybe, just maybe, I can set an example for her to follow as she leaves childhood and enters adulthood. I am just excited that she will be getting out and that I can spend some time with her. Work is going fine for the most part and I am more and more accepting my place and role there. That is making for less pressure and therefore more productivity while I am working. Unless things drastically change, I will be there for as long as I want to be there. I should be moving into a larger office as we have combined our Lincoln/Mercury dealer with our Ford dealership. That means for us at the Nissan facility, we have two buildings to work with and the managers will be moving next door. I should be able to get one of their old offices before too much longer. That will be a welcome relief as that will give me considerably more room but more importantly I will no longer be next to the shop and all the noises associated with it. Sometimes you just need some quiet to be able to concentrate and think. Saw the doctor today to have some blood drawn to check to see how I am responding to the medications he had given me. I still feel really great and should see some improvement. A week from this coming Thursday my wife has another appointment with the surgeon, this time to begin deciding on what next to treat and when the treatment (surgery) will be performed. She is getting better but she is also quite tired of being bedridden. Hopefully by the end of the summer she will be finished and we can get on with life.

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