A new week....

Is always a welcome thing as it signals a new beginning. I hope this will become a good week. Yesterday we found out that Tam no longer has pneumonia and therefore I can reschedule her appointment with her surgeon. That means another step towards her coming home. We still have not received nor heard anything regarding her medicaid application but hopefully soon we will. Yesterday I had a good time with my daughter even though all we did was move some stuff to the storage shed and dig out some of her things. It was still good to spend some time with her. I am more disappointed than ever in my step-daughter. She was supposed to call Tam Friday night but for some reason did not. I was told that she does have a phone card and yet she still did not call. This is going to be Tam's undoing more than anything else. She is now sad that she will never again be able to shoot hoops with her daughter and for that matter with any grandchildren we may someday have. Why is she abandoning her mother? Is this so stressful that she would rather ignore her mother than deal with it? How can she do this to her mother? Is the disappointment that she caused by turning to drugs like her father so bad in her mind that she would rather abandon her than face her? Does she not understand that just because you disappointment a parent does not mean you lose their love? A real, loving parent loves without question, without conditions. That is why they call it unconditional love. And yet she goes on with her life, not allowing her mother to be a part of that life and it just tears a little bit of Tammi apart each day. Laura is playing mother to her boyfriends children and Tam cannot be a part of that experience. This is not fair to her. She just needs to remember what goes around comes around.

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