32 lives lost. Tens of thousands shattered. All by one young man, a troubled young man it seems after reading articles about him. All victims of his acts. But who, or what, is he a victim of? Peer pressure? Parental pressure? Society in general? Random gene selection? All of this, or any other reason does not excuse him for what he did. But it still begs the question, what was he a victim of that led him to do this? Everyone will want to vilify him for what he did, I surely would had it happened to my 17 year old child but yet there has to be more to it than just someone that wanted to kill others. There has to be a reason as to why he snapped and when he ultimately did snap. For every guilty person of a crime, that person is also a victim of someone or something else. No act happens truly by random chance. Something led to that act happening. It is reported that he wrote of molestation by a step-parent, does that mean he was molested or was he just using the story as a way to get attention, shock value? What was he a victim of that led him to lash out in a way that put him in power? My wife told me of a friend she had that was in a very controlling verbally and physically abusing relationship. This woman was very thin and tiny and could not defend herself from her husband. So what she did was starve herself. The on control she had left in her life, the on bit of power left to her was the ability to refuse to eat. We don't know if she is still alive or if she is still in that relationship but it goes to show that whenever someone feels powerless to stop some type of pain being afflicted upon them, they will find something to retain some sort of control. I believe that if you were to ask a prisoner of war they would say the same thing. I am glad I have not had to endure anything as severe as that but right now my wife does. She is confined to a bed and is in constant pain. The few things she still has control over is her tv. It has become so important to her because of what she cannot do that she retain something that she does have control over. Something or someone had such control over this young man that he finally lashed back out and said I have the control now. Unfortunately he had to alter our world to take that control back into his life. I pray for the families of the people he hurt and for his family.

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