And the saga continues....

My all time favorite movie franchise is releasing another installment Christmas day. Of course I speak of the "Alien" movies, all of them. I have been a fan since the age of fourteen when the first movie came out. Because of my age and the fact the movie had an "R" rating I did not get to see the first movie until a year after its debut. A double feature was being shown which also included the movie "Magic" and my mother really wanted to see that movie so she agreed to take me to see "Alien" if I would watch her movie with her along with my sister watching them both with us. But prior to that for English class we had to do several (well over 10) speeches and we were allowed to do them all on the same book if we so chose. So I made them all on the book "Alien". I had a model of the Alien creature, magazines discussing the movie, and anything else I could get my poor hands on. The opening day of "Aliens" (the second movie) I was the first person in line at the first showing in the city. I made special arrangements to be off that day just for the occasion. I have been very disappointed at the downward spiral the subsequent movies have taken but was rather pleased with the first AVP. I know many fans thought it was too wussy and by the looks of the trailers this one is much more gory, but the movie entertained me and that is all that matters to me. I hope the gore of the new one does not take away from the story line of the war between the Predators, Aliens, and Humans. I have been doing some reading about Ridley Scott's thoughts a new movie, one that would include Sigourney Weaver but I guess that is going nowhere. I did see in the trailer (see for yourself below) that there a new female character in the vein of Weaver. That is good as a strong but hot lead is always good for ratings with the men. I may be older but I am not dead!! A hot chick is never a bad thing! I will wait for it to come out on DVD as 23 years ago we did not have home theaters so we went to the movies to get the surround sound and clear picture. But now I have that at home and do see why I need to put up with crowds and high prices when I have the comfort of my home to enjoy it. So I figure three months, six at most and I will get it on Netflix. Tammi will enjoy this one also as she likes the blood spewing stuff more than I do.

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