They finally get it....

Just this last week Amazon.com started selling mp3's from Warner Music Group as DRM free files. I am a sometime buyer from Amazon so I decided to try it out. I purchased "Paradise City" by Guns N Roses and downloaded the file. Then I copied the file to my mp3 player and to my backup hard drive. It was great! And for reasons I cannot explain I feel a sense of ownership that keeps me from wanting to share the file for free with the rest of the world. It is as though if I get it from someone for free I feel a pressure to share it for free. That is how the file sharing networks work. But if I pay for it, I feel like I own it and why do I want to give something away for free that I had to earn? It is like if I am paying for my internet connection why would I want my neighbor to sponge off of me and tap into it for free. There will always be the people who try to get something for nothing but if I am paying for it, then they should also. For years now I have been downloading free, legal music from places such as Garageband.com and it is very good music but there has been much that I have missed because I either had to get it illegally or I had to buy whole albums when I only wanted a song or two. The bitrate is 256 so the files are pretty good quality and my equipment and hearing are not good enough for me to worry about extremely high fidelity and quality, these are plenty good for me. Right now I am listening to a 16+ minute Peter Frampton song recorded from a live show of his circa 1999. It rocks! Whatever I don't have I will have. The tracks are .89 cents each, how can I go wrong from that? All these artists are going to continue to make money from their catalogs and I get a lifetime of quality music when and where I want it. They finally get it.

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