Product review...

Just tried out my new pen scanner and I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations so far. I have only been scanning the text in the tutorial part of the manual and there was plenty of space around the text so I do not know just how good it will work on the small text in a magazine article. I do feel that once I really get used to what angle and speed to scan at it will work fine. The only reason I had to correct a few words is because I did not drag it in a straight line nor did I hold it at the proper angel. I kept wanting to angle it as you would with a highlighter and this device you want to hold it more straight up and down so the tiny wheels move freely. It is fragile plastic and the tiny tabs that hold the battery door in place surely will break very easily if you are not careful but overall I think it will hold up. I am usually pretty good at taking care of my stuff as I cannot afford to replace it if I break it. I think it will do what I had hoped it would when I ordered it.

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