Proof that the secret is...

Not what you eat or do but how you respond to everything. That means keep the stress down. You won't stress about how to pay the bills if you live within your means. You won't stress about your relationship if you truly wait for the right love of your life. You do not have to be wealthy to be rich, for there are no better riches than a good, clean life.
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This is the home of Melvin and Minnie Lou Scott, married 80 years.

At 100 and 99, they still do their own yard work and eat bacon almost every day with breakfast.

Unlike most of us, they don't seem concerned about ultraviolet light, the effects of cholesterol or monitoring their body mass index.

They just focus on the simple things in life: mowing, gardening and puttering.

The couple can't pinpoint what factors contributed to their marital longevity, but they remain grateful to have shared so many happy years together.

In eight decades of marriage, the couple said they've never had a fight.

"We've had lots of discussions,"

The couple said there's no real secret to their long love affair.

"If people want to stay married, I guess I would tell them to live right, stay off dope and live a clean life," said Mrs. Scott.

Her husband offered a different perspective on living long and large.

"We've always worked," he said. "We still work. And we eat three meals a day."

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