This was such a good day! I cannot relate in words just how much love was shared today between my parents, myself and Jessica. Sister was a pain and we just as happy to see her leave the room since she really made a point about not wanting to be a part of it. But other than that it was great! Jess cleaned up, but then she was the only person anyone cared about giving too. I had not been with her the past two hollidays and I truly learned how much I missed her. I got the Star Wars boxed set from Mom and Dad I had wanted, but I had not even paid attention about receiving gifts. All I could think about was giving to her as I don't have too many more hollidays with her as a child. She is growing up so fast and I am so suprised at her good attitude. She has her moments when she drives me crazy but what I preach to her I feel is getting through. Ever since I learned to back off a bit and be more supporting instead of demanding she is so much more responsive to what I say. I do wish I could have been like this in the past, but I cannot change the past only go forward with what I have learned. All I can say is right now Jess and I are so happy. Jess has this simplified copy of the New Testament and I have been reading it quite alot lately, small bits here and there and I am learning alot about how to ask God for the things I need and what I need to do. I truly beleive He will provide for me what I need when I need it. I also believe that not everything that happens is His will, that sometimes His plans are upset. My example is the old man on the roof during the flood that lets 3 boats pass because he believes God will save him only to find out from God that the boats were sent by God to save him. God had a plan for this man but those plans were changed because the old man could not recognize when God had sent him what he needed. You can believe in God all you want and pray as hard as you can but you must not be blind to what is going on around you or you will miss when your prayer has been answered. My van is proof of that.

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