Why I took so long? I don't know but...

Amazon.com rules! I had bought a cd off of amazon several months ago because I could not find it anywhere around here but that was it. Then last month I bought a movie, a used on. The Day After Tomorrow. Now I have bought the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies. Total cost for both: $15. I was a fan of Netflix, but for some reason my mindset has changed and I want to own them, to build a collection. When it is large enough, I will always have something to watch. We buy cd's and listen to songs over and over, why not movies?
Well, I may still be held accountable for that mistake I made at work but I discovered today most of it isn't my fault. What is my fault is not getting the documents sent on time. What is not is that half of the needed documents in each file was not there, never provided by the techs and advisors. So even if I had sent them on time they would have, in all probability, been charged back anyways. I discovered this as I remade the copies and sent them again because I should have received some kind of response by this time. Life goes on. This company has enough issues that I am the least of their worries.
I went to Garden Ridge today as they had advertised large rugs for $18, but I ended up buying one for $24. It was larger and much nicer with alot of colors. The rug is the first step in the redeorating of my apartment. Mom and Dad gave Jess a computer for Christmas and I have to purchase a router before I will set it up. I want to move my puter table but needed a rug to cover the ethernet cable. So I will spend the weekend rearranging the apartment and then start shopping online for the router I want. Then the girl can im with her friends all she wants and I can still read my news and write about my "exciting" life!

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