Cracker man....

I like crackers. I have always liked them but lately I have started eating them as a bigger part of my dietary intake. I have them for my mid-day snack, with cream cheese. And I have them with dinner, usually by spreading something on top of them or with cheese and meat. I just like them and they also make eating a simpler function. I can sit at my puter while watching tv and eat at a slow pace which is supposed to be good for me too.
I am worried. For the past year or so, every 2-3 weeks I get this immense and intense pain in my chest right about where my arteries and my heart converge. This pain is strong that I can barely stand it and it lasts as long as 15 minutes or so. The pain progresses up my neck and into my jawbone and through my back to my shoulder blades. I did a bit if reading on webmd.com today and these are classic symptoms of heart disease or an impending heart attack. But it is also brought on by stress, of which I have had more than my share of this year. I will be working to reduce my stress in the coming months, one item at a time. I have attempted to apply problem solving thought process into just what I need to do to achieve this and I am going forward with it. I hope my time is not up yet as I have much to do before I go. But if it is, then I go with the knowledge that the Lord is waiting for me.
I have a new friend. She is a fellow blogger and I just want to say I think she is a very good writer. Blogging is different things for different people but it truly is a way for average working people who also happen to have writing talent to be discovered. So many people have talent but not the resources to get noticed. It is a fascinating time we live in now. Blogging has given us a first hand account of the horrible disaster going on from the tsunami. We are able to learn first hand how others live, love, and survive. We can read about someone from a different land and yet we will be able to identify with them because they experience the same emotions we do. We can learn how others react to situations encountered in every day life and possibly learn a new way of dealing with lifes "opportunities".

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