Joy......and Sorrow......

First, the joy. I received some documentation today that I have been given credit for all the claims that are part of my "mistake". All, that is, except for one worth just under $450. That one was missing some documents, which I promptly found and re-sent via overnight Fedex. I am not counting my chickens until they have hatched, but once I get that credit memo in my hands and have it posted to my schedule I will be free of this weight on my shoulders. Now for the sorrow. A co-worker of mine has a chihuahua that had puppies this past weekend. Three of them. The momma had rejected the runt, so my co-worker had been feeding the little guy night and day with a small bottle made for puppies and puppy formula. Today was supposed to be my day off, but because I am attending a warranty school tomorrow I went in for a half day today. I left while she was at lunch and called her while waiting for Jess to get out of school just to make sure she made it back to work. That is when she told me her puppy is dying, that he was having a very hard time breathing. She figures he will have passed by the time she gets home from work. He was so cute and adorable, but it is God's will to take him and I told her I would say a little prayer for him to go peacefully.

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