Just for you, Kate...

3 names you go by: 1. paul 2. pauliemac 3. daddy 3 screen names you have: 1. pauliemac 2. svgnibli 3. themacman 3 things you like about yourself: 1. my inner strength and compassion for others 2. being a dad 3. my legs 3 things you hate/dislike about yourself: 1. my physique (except for my legs) 2. my lack of common sense 3. being hot-natured (65 degrees is too warm for me) 3 parts of your heritage: 1. texan 2. dutch texan 3. scottish texan 3 things that scare you: 1. dying before I have finished what I have to do in life 2. my daughter dying before me 3. dying alone 3 of your everyday essentials: 1. internet 2. water (best tasting thing there is) 3. hot shower 3 things you're wearing right now: 1. bluejean shorts 2. blue button down collar long-sleeved shirt (sleeves rolled up part-ways) 3. t-shirt 3 of your favourite bands/artists: 1. Mark Ruffin (blues) 2. Celine Dion 3. Norah Jones 3 of your favourite songs at present: 1. Moments in Love (The Art of Noise) 2. I Can't Make You Love Me (Bonnie Raitt) 3. When A Man Loves A Woman (Otis Redding) 3 new things you want to try in the next 12 months: 1. Cooking something new and different 2. doing a photo shoot of a beautiful woman 3. getting a full nights sleep 3 things you want in a relationship (love is a given): 1. for her to be as strong and committed as I am 2. ability to laugh, at each other and at herself 3. ability to share each others innermost hopes, desires, fears, and thoughts. 2 truths and a lie:(no particular order to keep ya guessing) 1. I love food 2. My first time was age 19 3. I like beer 3 physical things about a love interest that appeal: 1. nice legs 2. full lips 3. pony tail 3 things you just can't do: 1. run 100 yd dash in under 20 seconds 2. dunk a basketball 3. get to bed at a decent time 3 of your favourite hobbies: 1. photography 2. writing 3. cooking 3 things you want to do really badly right now: 1. buy a new laptop 2. watch a movie with someone (female of course)cuddling on the sofa 3. cook dinner for the same person I watch the movie with. 3 careers you're considering (let's say I would consider): 1. photojournalism 2. crime scene investigator (the photog part is what I want, but the rest comes with it I guess. 3. Campsite manager up north (the kind where motorhomes and large campers park at near the mountains) 3 places you want to go on vacation: 1. Glacier National Park, Montana 2. New York City 3. Tropical Pacific Island 3 kids names (either boy or girl): 1. Jessica, of course (my daughter) 2. Ryan, my son (although I wasn't allowed to help pick out the name) 3. William or Ann (I know, that's 4, but that is my parents names) 3 things you want to do before you die: 1. Fall in love for the last (and lasting) time. 2. See the 8 wonders of the world 3. See my grandkids 3 people who have to take this quiz now: 1. Gweny 2. Lady Charisse 3. Charity

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Kate the Peon said...

Yay! Just for me!

I like your heritage. :) And I think we deserve to see the legs!