Playing around...

With some photos just to see how I can incorporate them in my story telling. This is a photo I took last august. I applied an altering technique called "sepia" to give it an "old" look. I am a real fan of sepia toning. I had been slowly learning how to use Adobe's Photoshop, but it is a really large program. I know it is very good and that alot of professionals use it, but for my purposes I felt it was too complicated for me. I also have been using Irfanview, a free program that is quite good and easy to use. I use Google's Picassa for photo organizing and uploading to blogger. I even started a journal that is nothing but photos, a photoalbum that I then link to this journal as needed and desired. But ever since I downloaded Picassa2, I think I have found the perfect everything program for my photos. I read a very good article (New ways to manage your photos | CNET News.com) last night that really praised the advantages of Picassa2. So I started learning the ins and outs of it and I have to say I am impressed at the available tools, along with the ease of using those tools.

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