Big changes...

at work. My boss was fired today. I have a deep loyalty to this man. I had worked for him before and this time, when I had no job and things were looking bleak, he hired me again. I would work for him again in a hearbeat. To complicate matters further, the man they hired to replace him has heard of me, that much I am sure of. He was the manager that took over a few months after I left the Nissan dealer I worked for when I moved to South Dakota 2+ years ago. I have never met him so I hope that hey will come in with an open mind. My Fixed Operations manager told me today that he told him I am the guy there. He said he put me up on a pedestal. Great. Now not only do I have to prove myself to a new manager, but I have to live up to expectations created for me. I have been through this before so I will just do what I always do. I will work hard, show what I can do and let what happens, happen.
I picked up my scanner this morning and after downloading the drivers tonight I am now able to scan into my laptop. Of course, I forgot the map so I was trying to find the place from memory. After driving around for 30 minutes I remembered the phone number for the place was in my mobile phone so I called them. Turns out I was going 2 blocks north whereas they were 2 blocks south. I went in through the will call door and talked to the guy. As I was waiting I noticed that the office there had 4 desks with flat panel pc monitors. Something about the way the men were working, the casualness of their dress made me think I might like working there. The warehouse was full of Ford Motorsports parts so I have no idea how they came to be selling scanners. I think I am going to upgrade my resume and just mail it to them, telling them if they ever have and opening and they could use someone with my background let me know. Who knows, maybe buying this scanner was God's way of pointing me in a new direction. We shall see.

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