The customer also has a responsibility...

Today we had a customer become quite upset when after driving quite a distance to pick up her car she found out the work was not completed and we had not contacted her. What actually happened is that the number we had on file was her home number and she of course was at work today. A young man had performed the initial write-up because we are so short- handed at this time and therefore because if his inexperience he failed to ask her for a contact number. Now, we will receive, and rightfully so, 100% of the blame for this oversight. But does it not also fall on to the customer to offer a contact number also? If I was a customer of a company that was going to have need of contacting me, would it not be prudent of me to offer a way to reach me? Should I not be held as accountable as the company I am doing business with? It just seems there is too much of a "me first" attitude in the world. Something to think about.

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