Internet Phones Given 911 Deadline - Yahoo! News

The government is stepping already and ruining a great thing. Voip (Internet Phones Given 911 Deadline - Yahoo! News) is going to suffer because of this. I am so sorry for the woman that lost her daughter but if she had taken the time to learn just how voip works, I am sure she would have known not to rely solely upon a voip phone. I am going to order a voip phone system from Vonage soon but I will always have a mobile phone with me. My prepaid works fine and I will make sure to have it handy for an emergency. People really must learn the ins and outs of a new technology before using it. To get something new and expect it to work like something else is not using good intelligence. Voip telephony is not the same as what we have been accustomed to for the past 50 or 60 years. Again, it is such a tragedy what happened to the womans daughter and nothing will ever bring the little girl back. But I hope people will learn from this. It wasn't the technology, it was the inexperience of the user.

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