Today was supposed to be a nice day. A day spent with my Dad at the Texas Rangers baseball game. Instead, it ended with pain. Not mental pain because my Dad and I got into some kind of argement, but rather physical pain. I was once again trying to be nice to someone and not bother them and it ended up costing me. As I was climbing over the seat to go get something for us to eat I pushed off with my right leg and lifted my left leg over the seat back I felt a pop in my left leg. At first I thought the seat bottom had flipped up and hit me but I quickly realized it was far too small to hit me that high on my leg. And just as that realization entered my mind so too did the pain enter my leg! (On a side note, because the pain registers in our brain, is the pain really only in our mind or is it actually in the leg, like the tree falling and no one is there to hear it, did it really make a sound? Something to ponder at a future time). All I know is I could barely walk. I tried to continue on to get the food but there was a long line at the atm and my leg was really starting to hurt so I returned and told Dad I needed to go home. He made his way down the aisle and I explained to him what happened. I really felt bad because he had gotten these tickets especially for me. The weather was nice, they were great seats and in the end the Rangers kicked Chicago's butt severely. We left during the 3rd inning with the score tied 1-1. By the time we we arrived at Dad's house Chicago had a 3-1 lead. So we ate some stuffed jalapeno's and egg rolls and watched the rest of the game on television. The good news is Texas exploded for a 12-4 win, beating the team with the best record in baseball for the second time in a row, the bad news is my leg still hurts. I have had pulled hamstrings before and I know it will be ok with some rest, it is just not a good time for this to happen. A lot of things are going on at work, my boss is sick and taking a leave of absence and several people either have or are about to quit so I will need to be on the move. Also, my daughters mother is returning town with my daughters younger brother and that has Jess worked up. So many things are happening and this leg issue will just slow me down. But like everything else in life, it is just something to be overcome and dealt with. I cannot change the past, I can only go forward with things as they are sent my way.

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