Well, things are rolling along. My computer broke but Dad gave me a new box. I put my optical and hard drives in it but had trouble getting the 2nd hard drive to show up. Finally, today I figured it out and now I am rolling along. The new box worked fine with my drive with windows on it, but I was worried that I had lost all my photos and music.
Went to my trial Tuesday with my ex. I was so worried for weeks about it but it worked out very well. I will continue the counseling with the goal of reintroduction with my son. I am expecting it to take at least six months, possibly longer. But it will be worth it.
The tv season is winding down so I will be watching alot more movies. I also discovered these DVD's sold for $1 at the Dollar Tree store. Each one has 4 episodes of an old tv series from the beginning of television. I bought two the other day, "Flash Gordon" and "Sherlock Holmes". My daughter and I sampled a Flash Gordon today. It was quite an amusing experience to watch these old shows! I will buy alot of these!
Work is continuing to go well. No complaints there. I am worried about a fellow blogger though. Charity, who writes under the name of selena darkwalk, recently married a guy after only knowing him for a short time. Then she became pregnant and the marriage went south, far south, from there. She has not posted in nearly a week and I am truly concerned for her well being. I have had a bit of email contact with her but nothing since last weekend. I have said prayers for her and I hope anyone that reads this will do the same. She has become a friend and I hope she is ok.
Well, the heat is finally arriving. Today the high was 88, tomorrow it is supposed to reach 93. I am going to have high electric bills for the next 3 months, but I don't care. I will not suffer with heat and humidity.
Time to go now, just wanted everyone to know all is well in Pauliemac's World.

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