I am a Jedi Knight!

I just took a test and scored 8 out if 10 on my first attempt! I recieved 2 light sabors which means I am a Jedi Knight! But I must to better if I want to become a Master Jedi! I don't know, being a Jedi is pretty good so why mess with a good thing? Not craving greed or power is a quality in a Jedi and not all can be a Master so maybe I will just stop now, hmmmm, I will contemplate this.
Today was a pretty good day at work. Of course we started out very busy as next week is Memorial Day so everyone was getting their oil changed. But after the first couple of hours it died down and I went to my office to catch up on paperwork. Spent most of the day there but again it was very hectic at closing time as everyone was now picking up their cars. But all in all I had a mostly uneventful day at work.
Speaking of work, yesterday I had an opportunity to help a customer that has just been having a struggle of a time. She has a noise in her front end that we just cannot resolve. We have replaced several parts and just cannot locate the noise. My boss was busy with another heat case so he asked if I could help her. I have been learning from some people I know how to be patient with other people. I just allowed her to explain her feelings and issues before setting up an appointment for her to have a rental to drive while we take a couple of days to make a strong effort to locate this noise. She responded with appreciation and grattitude at my listening to her problem. I told my boss that I had committed us to 2 days of rental and that we most likely will not be able to submit a warranty claim on it. He was totally fine with it and was completely on board with what I had set up. It is instances like this that give me a good feeling but at the same time will lead to me handling more and more of these types of situations. But that is ok as I can handle it and it give me a measure if job security. I am just not in the mood to change jobs at this time so her e is where I will work. I will just make it the best I can and go from there.
Tonight my daughters ex-boyfriend stopped by to get a few things he had given to her. She is not here so I made a list and searched a bit for them. I found his jersey butnot the 2 necklaces. I will get them from her when she returns and hopefully that will be that. I worry he or a friend of his will do something to my van which is something I truly don't need right now, or ever for that matter. I tried to apoligize and I was a little short with him but my daughter had said he had threatened her. I don't take kindly to that. I feel for the boy, he is only 18 and out on his own with no family. I really welcomed him into my life and was supportive and cool about their relationship. According to my daughter, he became possesive and controlling and according to him she was with another guy while dating him. Either way it was not meant to be and I told him I just hope that if it is over, it is over and we all move on. He said he has. These stresses I am just not very good at dealing with. I wish I was a better father but I do keep trying.

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