Always on the move...

That is my life right now. Leave in the morning and keep going until I get home around ten at night. Right now, I am in the dining hall of the local hospital where Tammi was admitted two weeks ago today. Of course she has been discharged for a week. Today I started buying my dinner at the local salad bar but I needed a quiet place to eat it. The hospital has free wireless Internet, is on the way to see Tam and is quiet at this time of the evening (8pm). The parking is free and is located just outside of the dining hall. How much more perfect could be? I can pop in, eat and update my schedule, check email, etc. I hope I do not get in trouble but I don't see why I would. I am not doing anything wrong and am just keeping to myself quietly. All I need is 30 minutes of time to myself and then I will be on my way to see Tammi for an hour or so. And this way, when I get home I won't have to spend time making dinner. The amount of money I spent last week buying salad items came out to be .60 cents less than what it cost me at the salad bar. Not enough to be worth the effort of buying and preparing my salad. I will do my best to just be inconspicuous as possible. For someone that had to be so very rigid in how things were done I am learning to be fluid and flexible. Someday, when Tammi is back home I will be a homebody again but as long as she is not at home I will be a road warrior, always moving and doing. I find it stimulating to a point and exhausting at the same time. I wish I had been like this 20 years ago and of course had the internet at the same time. Applied for a job today, with Sewell Automotive. I have heard many good things about working for them that I could not pass up the opportunity to at least apply. Not sure if I will even get an interview. We shall see. I am not really looking but I am always open to something that may improve our position.

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