What is today going to bring?

Tammi is not doing well today. She developed an upset stomach yesterday and it turned to diarrhea last night. She told me this morning that she has been sick with this all night and into today. She also told me that they are going to perform some x-rays today of her stomach in an effort to determine exactly what is wrong. I have been torn between going to work or going up there to be with her. She is concerned that she might be contagious although I was with her last night and if she was I am now exposed to it. I will let her make the final call but I think I will leave work early today to spend some extra time with her. She always tries to make it easy on me even when she does want me by her side but I wish she would be selfish sometimes so I don't have to try to figure out what she wants. If she wants me there, say so and I will be there without hesitation. If she is fine, then make sure I know that. I truly think that If I have to guess, I should error on the side of caution and go up there. Many times people just say to ask yourself what you would want in that situation but that does me no good because I know what I would say. Even if I wanted her by my side, I would do the same and tell her no, that I was fine. We humans are quite a mess.

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