Another day...

Today was a good day for me. As stated in a previous post about cookies I am finally coming to grips with myself, where I have come from and where I hope to go in life. Did some shopping today as I have really done well with my finances and I just wanted to pamper myself a bit. So what did I buy, you ask? A new antenna for my tv and three shirts from my fav thrift store. This past week I had seen an advertisement from Sonic for a patty melt sandwich and I have been thinking of that all week. So I went to my neighborhood Walmart and bought me some Texas Toast bread (I have been using that for Jess's breakfast and I just love it!), hamburger meat and some Monterray Jack cheese. All I have been doing since then is surfing the net and watching tv. About 8pm (I also had purchased some frozen fries) I made my patty melt and fries and relaxed. Jess went to the state fair today with a friend and she is sleeping over so I have the place to myself. While at Frye's Electronics I salivated over the mp3 players but I am not going to buy one yet, for two reasons. One, I think they will come down in price more once Christmas season is fully here, and 2 because Jess will want to use it and I don't want her to. She will just lose it or have it stolen because lack of responsibility. So I will wait until the right time and I will get her and I some kind of music players. I had envisioned her and I getting the same things but I don't feel it is wise to spend $100 on her for something she will end up losing. So she will get a cd player of the lower quality type, as long as it plays mp3's and I will get the fancier flash player. I will also keep it with me at all times so she will not be tempted to use it. Seeing as I only slept aproximately 5 hours last night I will not be staying up for Saturday Night Live tonight. In fact I don't think I will be up much more than a few more minutes.

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