Good things....and dreams....

70 - 10 !!!!

Can you believe it? Texas Tech put a whipping on Nebraska like never before has happened to Nebraska. For a day that did not go well at work, actually a miserable day all around, God has found a way to pick me up. I come home and find out my credit card limit has been raised by a $100 and then to find out TTU put such a hurt on Nebraska, it really lifted my spirits. I don't need the credit limit raised but I take it as a message from God that I am on the right track in life. I messed up really bad when it came to handling my credit and finances. I keep hearing the commercial that says it is never too late to take control of your finances and get them in order. But I have to do it now as I have one last shot at making things right. It has taken me 8 years to screw them up and will probably take at least that long to make it right, but if I do, and I am blessed to live a long life, I can set myself up for a somewhat comfortable semi-retirement. I truly have come to beleive my calling is some form of photo-journalism except I am not sure if I ever will be able to go to school for it. But with the world as it is today, I may not have to do that. I do believe that if I work hard at honing my skills, blogs and the internet may open up a path to being noticed. I feel that most of the time my writing is not as polished as some of the other's that I read, most notable Clublife and Tj's Place (who seems to have quit writing). But I also feel that I can improve upon what skills I do have to the point where I can write a 500-2000 word story along with some photos well enough to be published. For me, right now, it is about reading others articles and learning from them. Not copying a style or plagiarism, but just getting a feel for how to do it. I have read a number of articles in such publications as Texas Highways and Texas Parks & Wildlife and I think I can do as well of a job as they do. I am goint to put my money where my mouth is and attempt to do this by going on a trip and writing about it. Funny, that is why I started this blog 1 1/2 years ago. But now it will be about my experiences with my daughter. She expressed her desire to once again go camping with me. After December, I will have 5 days of vacation time coming and I have decided to use it one day at a time. That way we can go on several short, three day weekends starting in March. I am hoping to take such a weekend, once in March, April, and May. Then hold off for the hot summer and go again in late September, October, and November. Six trips in a year. That will give me enough material to write about for the rest of each month after we return. Then do it again the next year. And as long as I work for my current employer, starting the second year I will recieve another 5 days of vacation. I think once that happens, instead of more three day weekends, keep it at the same six but now they will be four day weekends. I can already picture waking up on a cool March mornng at Enchanted Rock, a special place for me. And if I am able to handle my finances correclty this time, I can save enough money to once a year or every other year fly somewhere like South Dakota for a four day trip. Go in March when the mountains are snow-capped or in the summer when the rivers are running full. The possiblilities are just beginning to emerge. I maybe very late to the game but not too late to contribute to the win. The game of LIFE.

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