A little test from MSN

(My scores in bold) 1. When a friend announces a new relationship, you think: # Good luck, you poor sap. (Score = 1) # Hope it works out better than my relationships usually do. (Score = 2) # I guess stranger things have happened. (Score = 3) # Maybe this time, hope will trump experience. (Score = 4) # Are you nuts? (Score = -1) 2. You see a hottie across the room. Your reaction is: # I pity the fool you take home tonight, but it won’t be me! (Score = 1) # Why bother? (Score = 2) # Looks harmless enough, but I’m sure she's/he’s hiding something. (Score = 3) # Maybe this one will be different. I’m going over there. (Score = 4) # Where’s that little Ninja hiding the knife to stab me in the back? (Score = -1) 3. How much baggage are you carrying around from past relationships? # A boatload of bad feelings. (Score = 1) # Several suitcases of self-pity. (Score = 2) # A backback filled to bursting. (Score = 3) # Not much. I’m learning to travel light. (Score = 4) # I’ve had to rent a storage unit. (Score = -1) 4. Your theme song could be: # Janis Joplin’s version of “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart.” (Score = 1) # Willie Nelson’s “Crazy.” (Score = 2) # Orson’s “Already Over.” (Score = 3) # Jon Brion’s “Trial & Error.” (Score = 4) # Alanis Morrisette’s “You Oughta Know.” (Score = -1) 5. When it comes to love, you’re: # Sick and tired of getting hurt. (Score = 1) # Jaded. (Score = 2) # Learning to love being single. (Score = 3) (Until a few months ago it would have been the first one, but I am healing.) # Confident you’ll find love eventually. (Score = 4) # Convinced that anyone you’re attracted to will break your heart and suck the life out of you. (Score = -1) Less than 0 You’re bitter, baby. You’ve been kicked around by love, but with an attitude like yours, it’s hard to believe you’ll get the chance to give love another go—not that you’d want to. Learn from the past and then let go of it. You’ll feel better, I promise. 0-5 You’re a cynic. And while that can result in an entertainingly acerbic wit, you’d be better served by remembering that you get more bees with honey than with vinegar. 6-10 After your bad experiences, it’s normal to be a little jaded. But don’t let your attitude develop into cynicism. Instead, focus on feeling hopeful about a future that includes a good relationship. 11-15 You’re making an effort, and it’s probably starting to pay off. Being skittish isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just guard against letting your prior experiences keep you from trying something new. 16-20 Congratulations. Despite a painful past, you’ve been able to put them behind you—hopefully with some valuable lessons learned.

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