"Begin each day asking: What can I do today to make my life better?" I will not let mother get to me. She is probably the most verbally abusive, childish adult I have ever known, (well sister is more childish, but she is not verbally abusive, to me at least). I will keep things bottled up and then release them here. But I am very seriously considering not going next weekend to see jess. it will hurt her but I feel it would be better to go ahead and get out this week. change of plans but that is what life is about, adapting to whatever comes your way. she gets so difficult to be around when she gets tired, but because she is stubborn and feels no remorse at what she puts others through with her loud cussing and screaming, she just keeps going on. It is a good thing I love my parents so much because there are times I really don't like them very much. You know, I had gone all week keeping to myself. I open up today and interract with them and this is what happens. I have learned my lesson, keep to myself and don't speak to them and I will be fine. This is a very big reason I purchased the headphones, so that I can tune everyone out and be in my own little world.

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