Mothers are people too.....

Today I was a Walmart with mom and dad. Dad came up to me and asked if I had seen Mom. I told him, "no, I thought she was over in the grocery section". I happpened to be near the shoes section of walmart and I don't know why but I thought she might be there trying on shoes. I had never thought about Mom being someone with feelings, wants, desires. To me she had always been "Mom". I had a sudden overwhelming feeling of love for her, of course I had always loved my mom, but it was just much more intense than I can remember it having been. All I could picture at that moment was my Mom trying on a pair of shoes because she wanted some. I know because a few months ago she did just that, tried on some shoes at Walmart. That vision just swept over me today and I just loved my Mom a little more. She may not be perfect, but she is MY mom and I am proud she is.

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