"Begin each day asking: What can I do today to make my life better?" I just finished watching "Joan of Arcadia". Very interesting topic tonight. It was about faith. God told Joan that faith is "believing in something even when it makes no sense". The example was Joan talking to God, who would believe it? But Joan knows it to be true. This is me, filled with positive faith that things will work out. This comes from what I have learned from Dr. Phil, and others during this mental and spiritual journey I have been on. "Sometimes you make the right decision, and sometimes you have to make the decision right". This is how I approach each decision and/or the consequence of that decision. No matter how things turn out, I will make it right. I have faith in God and myself, in that order. Another part of the show and this has to do with faith was Joan went to have sex with her boyfriend, but in the end did not. to shorten the conversation, the father asked," so we just have to have faith that we raised her right, that she will make good decisions. This is what I want with my daughter. I did not do a good job teaching her, but I have learned. I will do a much better job when she returns home. I just did not "get it". But things do change, people do change and for the better, even though there are those in this world that lack the faith to believe that.

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