Not much going on today. Mowed, shopped, cooked dinner. Dad turned on the a/c because it was really hot and humid. feels so good in here right now. the really nice guy that created photobucket send me a return email today taking his time to explain bandwidth to me as it pertains to linking pics. i now understand, every time i click on my own blog, i am using bandwidth from his site as that is where my pics are hosted. so i will quit reading my blog as if i was someone else. i wrote it. but i did make a donation to his site as he is providing something i am willing to pay for. i sent him $10, but i think i will send him something between $2 and $5 a month for his service. I don't have a lot of money but for what he is doing for me i surely can spare a few bucks to help him. if i have my way, i will be linked to his site for the rest of my life as that is where i will keep my digital phots online. it is so cool!

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