My new sandals.
Looking through the Sunday sale ad's I saw Mervyn's had sandals on sale. I have been wanting a pair of men's sandals for some time now. I have this vision of coming home after work, taking a shower, and putting on some comfortable clothes (shirt, jean shorts) and sandals, just as I do now, except then leaving to go eat dinner. What I have been doing is picking up dinner, bringing it home, then showering before I eat. But I just feel I need to be as scarce as I can be around here, plus I am still working on reinventing myself, it will never end. And one of those things is not being a hermit locked inside. How can I ever expect to make friends if I never get out? I won't that what. And with most of my tv shows having ended for the season, I want to read my book (middle of the Left Behind series). I watch Seinfeld, it is my favorite show and I just feel that while I still have some kind of youth I want to experience a different way of living. I need to, not just for me, but for my daughter and son also. That's right. I was talking with God the other day and I was saying to him again how I wanted someone that would be strong, be able to stand by me because it takes strong people to deal with my daughter. And then it occurred to me, How can I expect someone to be strong with me for my daughter when I can't be strong with my ex for my son's sake. So I am going to send a letter stating I want to see my son. I am willing to work with her as to a proper re-introduction, but no longer will I be afraid of anyone, anywhere, anytime. I have to say God does answer prayers, just not always how we expect Him to. But he does.

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