"Begin each day asking: What can I do today to make my life better?" Bought some headphones today. Actually bought 2 sets. while doing my weekly shopping at walmart i purchased a pair of ear "buds" because i felt they would be more comfortable than the headphones that had come with my cd player. but because the line is so short on both pairs, i went to fry's to get and extension line. after looking at the actual headphones i decided to purchase a pair of them and save the buds for when i go walking. the headphones will work with the portable player and with my computer. it is sad, it is an absolutely perfect day outside and here i am blogging and watching my beloved spurs play the lakers. but i am enjoying the day and i need a day to just rest as i am working tomorrow to make up for being off next saturday to go see jessica. speaking of the beautiful weather, only in texas would you have to wear a coat in may one day and can sunbathe the next day. go figure.

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