what a weekend!

"Begin each day asking: What can I do today to make my life better?" Went to arkansas to see my daughter, Jessica. It was so good to see her, it has been 7 months. She well be coming home soon and I cannot wait. I promised her a big homecoming party! She is doing so well, and we all had such a good time with her (grandma & grandpa were there also). I am working to go again in late june or early july. I am going to try to fly most of the way and rent a car for the remainder. I am up for a new position at work and I am cautiously optimistic that I will get it. actually, I have it just as soon as the powers that be find my replacement. I will be moving up to a management position that will result in quite a bit more money, along with some longer hours, but this is my destiny. I will not work the long long hours I used to have, but it also will not be near as much responsibilities as I had in the past. things are coming together so well it is almost scary. Even more is just a week ago I was praying to the Lord to give me some direction in my life and my prayer was answered. this position came up and i take it as my direction. there are no guarantees in life, but i am excited about what is goin on right now.

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