better days

well, everyone, had a good job interview yesterday and then got a call meant for my mom, but they want me to come down and interview also. doing csr work for a big company. pays $10 an hour which is what i figured i would get so that may be a good thing. still know word from tam. you know, i want to get back with her, but if she is dead set i wish she would tell me or just file the papers and then we both could move on. the worst part of all this is no communication at all, that is the coldest part. if she yelled, screamed, cussed at me at least then i would at least see some feeling in her. but this ignoring me is the worst. i miss her dearly, but to be in this lonely hell is even worse. tomorrow is another day and God has a plan for me, i just dont know what it is yet. i thought it was to take care of tam, that is what i do, take care of others, but when do i get taken care of? i need something back too, you know.

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