Job interview

Well it really was not a job interview. You had to take a typing skills test and then answer a questionaire about your personality and how you relate to different things. I do not feel as though I did very well. The guy said if you complete two pages of the typing test you will pass, but even though it was very similiar to alot of things I have done in the past, due to tiredness, hunger, and nerves, I did not quite complete 2 pages so it will be touch and go. Mother did get the job, she had applied for the same position a couple of weeks ago. So there is some good news for the family. Tomorrow I am supposed to call and find out if I have a temp position somewheres with Babich Temps. We shall see. I am not going to get too upset about yet, but I do think I will go see my old boss. He now works pretty close to here and maybe he will have something for me, that is if he does not blame me for him being fired from the last place we worked at together. Hard to know.

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