The ending....

"Do whatever it takes to be happy, for it is hard to know what life will bring you." Well, for anyone that has been reading and keeping up with this blog. this is the final entry. I will be starting a new one as this is day one of my life without Tam. This one was started with her and I just feel that if my life with her is over, then this blog should be also. She made me Pauliemac and without her, there is no pauliemac. Anyone that wishes to continue following the events of my life that will shape me into who I am, just send me an email and I will be happy to send the link to the new blog. It has been a wonderful time with her and I wish her well and all the happiness she can find. I am not who I was nor will I stay who I am now, but a new beginning deserves new entries with a new attitude. Signing off for the last time, pauliemac

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