This one's for you Tam,

"Do whatever it takes to be happy, for it is hard to know what life will bring you." if you ever read this it is about my lack of communication also. All those mornings I was giving you hard time about running late, it was really me that was running late. See, I wanted to play on the computer a little but after making breakfast and our lunches, I was always running out of time to do that. But since I wanted to be such a good husband, I didn't say anything, I just went about business and then when I was running out of time, I thought to myself that if you would just get up a little earlier and helped me, I would have time to do what I wanted to do also. Communication, because I didn't do that with you, I ended up blaming you for me running late. I just wanted to be a good husband, but instead I made things worse. You will be missed dearly and I do hope that whatever comes your way in life, you are happy and content. I told you I would learn from this and I have and continue to do so, just too bad at the expense of not being with you.

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