Interesting end to an interesting week...

Well well well....heard from thre women that I had not heard from in a long time this past week. Last night I received a message that Jess's mother was trying to contact Jess concerning her brother. When Jess happened to call me from her retreat because she was bored I gave her the message and the phone number. She was happy to get to speak with her but sad as to what she found out. Her brother has gotten himself into some trouble. But Jess sounded much better today. I went to work for three hours then spent the rest of the day hanging out with my parents. Did the lunch thing and then just wandered from store to store. But I did find a garage sale near their house on my way over there and found some wonderful treasures. I found a small but interesting nightstand and then something that I just had to have. It is a makeup table made out of cherry wood complete with a small swiveling mirror. Upon taking it to my parents house I discovered it would come apart so I dismantled it for the trip home. I have been spending the evening cleaning and polishing it. Along one side the wood had been stripped away so I purchased some craft paint and painted over the bare wood. It came out surprisingly good. I told Jess I had a surprise for her when she called this afternoon. I know she will just love it. Tomorrow I will post a pic of it for all to see as it is such a cool thing for a teenage girl to have.

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