Update on the car...

The insurance estimator came out yesterday and looked the car over. She wrote down some information, took some pictures and said thanks. She told me I should expect a call either that evening (everything is wirelessly transmitted and she said because of the cloud cover it might take all day to transmit) or the next morning (this morning). So I should know by the end of today what I will have to do in regards to the car. I really hope it is enough damage to warrant a payoff and I can find a small truck. I miss my truck alot, I have no way of hauling furniture and such. Then I can start planning a trip to S.D. so I can bring my stuff home and put some closure on that chapter of my life. All that is left is to get a divorce done. Oh, and I did finally get an email from Tam. I won't go into the details. It is just time to put that part of my life behind me and move forward. I have Jess to think about now and that is where my focus is. Speaking of Jess, she is going on a retreat this weekend with her church so I will be having the weekend all to myself. Even though this is my weekend off I am going in so I can catch up on alot of work. We had quite an incident last week; one person was fired and 3 were suspended so I have been covering for some of them and covering for others that are covering for the rest of them. Of course all of this depends on if I have to spend the weekend tearing the car apart and rebuilding the front end so I can have something to drive. My fear is that they will total it but for much less than what I can replace it for. It is not worth a whole lot but it has proven to be reliable and even comfortable on the freeway. Well, time to go to work now.

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