USATODAY.com - At 73, Shatner's at 'full gallop'

"'I'm aware of the briefness of the rest of my life, so I think in terms of what I'm doing now.'"--William Shatner, 73 years old.
I am not as old as William Shatner and yet I already identify with this quote. All too soon I will be his age (I hope to be at least!) so I focus on what I am doing now. On another note, the letter from Dawn's lawyer was just some medical bills and a threat to take me to court if I don't sign the agreement he sent 3 months ago for the old bills. I will not sign it as it is worded such a way that I would be stating that I agree that I owe the money. I don't agree that I owe it, I just offered to pay it rather than fight about it. If I sign it I feel I open myself up to some time in the future dropping a pile of old bills worth thousands of dollars and tell me I have 15 days to pay them. I feel a judge would see the unreasonble nature of such an act and I have no fear of going before a judge and stating such. This is rediculous and I am just so tired of people and their games.

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