Nothing....and then WoW! Something!

Today the insurance settled up on the Buick. I think things worked out well. State Farm settled the claim for $1625 so I was happy about that. I already have the check and will deposit it tomorrow. It just depends on how long it is held by the bank as to when I will buy a another car. I have already been looking on the internet and have a couple I am interested. I am going to try to purchase a Nissan, but if not that then something that my employer sells so I can get parts and labor cheap. Tomorrow I will post pics of the buick as it will be gone by the time I return to work on Friday. Now for the second bit of news. After not hearing from Dawn or her lawyer for 3 months I received a notice from the post office that I have a certified letter from her lawyer. So tomorrow I will find out about this. I am looking forward to getting that process going and becoming a part of my son's life but I do hope that it doesn't interfere too much with my Christmas plans. Either way, seeing Ryan would be a great Christmas present in and of itself. We shall see.

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